Fate, Reborn by Silvana Falcon (ePUB)

fate reborn, silvana falcon

Fate, Reborn (Rubyville Vampires #3) by Silvana Falcon – Free eBooks Download


Some love survives death.
Mordyn never got over the horror of losing his fated mate. Even a hundred years later, he blames himself. What kind of vampire is he, that he failed to protect the man he promised forever?
The worst kind.
So when fate offers him a second chance, he refuses.
Apollo is his mate reborn.
But Mordyn isn’t going to mess up his life a second time.
No matter how much he yearns to sink his fangs into Apollo and reclaim what he’s lost.
Apollo doesn’t lust after vampires. He hunts them down and locks them up—if he doesn’t just stake them. It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it—and every kill soothes some of that ever-burning anger inside of him.
But Mordyn’s smile fans the flames inside him in all the wrong ways.
He’s hot, yes, but he’s the enemy.
And yet Apollo keeps having these dreams. Dreams in which he’s not quite himself. Dreams that only stoke the fire he tries so hard to keep in check while he’s awake.
When he’s forced to work with Mordyn, he doesn’t know how to manage. Before long, he’s either going to screw the vampire or stick a knife in him.
He almost doesn’t care which.

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