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fatal vengeance, sybil reese

Fatal Vengeance (Blackwood University #3) by Sybil Reese – Free eBooks Download


Blackwood University is crumbling.
My world has caved in, my mom is gone, and I’m living life on the run with the three men who have all hurt me at one point. Am I a fool for forgiving them? Maybe, but with the ever-present reminder that life is far too short, I’d rather hold them close than keep my heart guarded forever.
And seeing as how my death might be coming sooner than I think, I’m going to enjoy these guys as much as I can. Creed, my wild storm, willing to wreck havoc anywhere he goes just to keep me safe. Griffin, my giant teddy bear, always standing behind me with his endless support and comfort. And Asher… the man I hate to love, keeping me on my toes at all times.
Each of them brings something new to my previously dull and painful life, and I’ll be damned if I let these feelings go now. But as much as I’d like to pretend everything is just fine and fall headfirst into learning how well these guys can share, The Celestials are still a huge danger to us, and they’re not happy we got away.
Fear becomes a close companion of mine as new threats emerge, more blood is spilled, and the clock ticks down all too quickly. I may not be ready for it, but a battle for the history books is about to unfold. And I won’t be leaving The Celestials or Blackwood University in one piece when I’m finished getting my vengeance.

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