Farren by Morgan Lysand (ePUB)

farren, morgan lysand

Farren (Black Cat Circus: Pearl of Fate #4) by Morgan Lysand – Free eBooks Download


Farren has been Black Cat Circus’s head of security since the beginning and it’s a job the gargoyle takes seriously. But he’s stone more often than usual in the daytime, impeding his ability to work. Something has to change, and he’s not sure what. Not until a feisty merman shows up at the circus and Farren’s stone curse has a hope of being lifted.
Rourke has one last adventure before he ties himself to the lake as the next historian apprentice. Only, he’d rather be an ambassador between the worlds than stuck in the muck reciting the same old information for a lifetime. When he meets a sexy gargoyle, Fate steps in to change both of their lives.

Can a gargoyle and merman get a fairy tale ending, or will a curse keep them apart?

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