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Farmer’s Elegant Bride (Captivating Brides #4) by Natasha Sterling – Free eBooks Download


After the military, I lost my desire to deal with people. These days I spend my time on my farm tending my cattle with my two dogs Bruno and Billy helping me. Life is simpler this way, but it does get lonely out here. So, after trying a few dating sites and not getting any response. I tried and after a week of not meeting anyone interesting, I finally met Aurora. With her, usually awkward and dull conversations seem effortless and interesting. I’ve grown to enjoy our chats via email and even over the phone. I invited her to come out and meet me in person. She will be here for the weekend and we will see if the spark is there.

I’ve lived in my sister’s shadow for as long as I can remember. She’s always been the go-getter of the family, and then there is me. Quiet and reserved Aurora. I’ve been trying to find a decent guy for a few years. So far, I’ve received messages from guys who want an easy hook-up. That doesn’t interest me. I want something real, some commitment. So, I decided to try out a mail-order bride site and see if that would change anything. I met Levi and we have really hit it off, I didn’t tell him, but I recently lost my job. I don’t miss it, to be frank, it’s time for something different. So, I’m going to do something crazy and fly across the country to finally meet a man in person for the first time who I intend to marry.

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