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Fanboy (Hot Off the Ice #8) by A. E. Wasp – Free eBooks Download


Fashion, fake dates, and real stakes. Sometimes the only way to win is to break all the rules.
After being dumped by his fiance, Thunder forward Alex Huberdeau finds himself questioning the game of love entirely. Clueless about dating, disinterested in flings, and unable to have a normal conversation with women, Alex is convinced something’s broken inside him.
Enter Sunny Gonzales—a nonbinary, proudly polyamorous, fashion designer desperately searching for a big break. While their creativity blooms, love seems a luxury that’s eluded them, shaded by their fears of a world quick to shun people who color outside the lines.
When Alex learns that Sunny needs a partner for a game show that could be the answer to their prayers, he leaps at the chance to help. In return, Sunny will teach him all they know about love and romance.
With only three weeks to learn all they can about each other, Sunny and Alex embark on a crash course that blurs the lines between friendship and romance. As feelings grow and the game show’s climax looms, Alex and Sunny must decide if they’re playing to win or playing for keeps.

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