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fatmouth echoes, kimberly thomas

Falmouth Echoes (Cape Cod #2) by Kimberly Thomas – Free eBooks Download


Sophia Wilson is standing at the crossroads of her life in the heart of Cape Cod, with the weight of her world on her shoulders. It’s been two years since she boldly ended her marriage, and yet, she’s the one who feels unmoored.

As her son explores the wilds of Africa and her daughter drifts further away, Sophia is left questioning: Did she make the right choice? Life moves forward for everyone else, but she’s trapped in limbo above her father’s garage—a world away from the career she sacrificed.
Then danger strikes Falmouth. A masked thief shatters the illusion of safety, forcing Sophia to confront her new reality. It’s going to take the Wilson family’s unbreakable bond, and perhaps a reluctant alliance with her ex, Darren Cheff, to piece her world back together and ignite the spark of resilience she’s always carried within.
Amidst the chaos, a newfound connection with her half-sister Lily emerges, offering Sophia a glimpse of hope and the strength to chase the dreams she thought were lost.

In this gripping family saga, discover if Sophia can carve out a new destiny. This stirring drama, wrapped in the hopeful embrace of Falmouth’s charm, challenges Sophia to see that the love and life she desires may have been in front of her all along.

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