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Falling for the Single Dad (Summer Secrets #2) by Emma Tharp – Free eBooks Download


She wants to find an older guy to spend time with this summer. He’s a single dad who needs a nanny. When they meet, it seems like they are the perfect solution to both of their problems. But is it possible they’re only creating more?
Hannah is desperate for a break after graduating from an all girls’ boarding school. While trying to convince her father she needs to take a gap year, he tells her if she’s not in school, she’s out of the house and into a job.

When she stumbles upon a nanny position, she thinks it’s the perfect solution. The minute she sees Ryan, she should have the good sense to run away. After all he is twenty-seven, a graphic designer, and hot as hell. But if all goes well, he’ll move her to Boston in the fall and make her his full-time nanny. Only now, she’d like to make more than just the job official.
Six months ago, his girlfriend, the mother of his child, died in a car accident. He felt like he’d never recover. Until Hannah. Only the longer she’s around, the more attached he and Claire, his daughter, become. This is bad. He needs someone for Claire more than he needs someone for himself, right?

Over time Hannah moves in, but he knows it’s too late. His feelings can’t be helped. The fear that he’ll lose another woman he loves is always hanging over his head, so he vows to love no one at all. No one can convince him otherwise, but Hannah definitely wants to try.

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