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Falling for Paris (Peak of Love #3) by Laura Marquez Diamond – Free eBooks Download


You know that Netflix show with the size-two, twenty-something woman who has an affair with a handsome, hotshot chef in Paris? Everyone told me to watch it before I left for vacation. Yeah, right! As if that ever happens.
-Victoria Espinoza, a size-curvy, almost-forty divorcee before having an affair with a handsome, hotshot chef in Paris
Rafael Lyon is a grumpy, jaded culinary celebrity. He will do anything to avoid the two things that history has proven to be disastrous: the public spotlight and long-term relationships.
Victoria Espinoza is a feisty vacationer, ready to conquer Paris one croissant at a time. Since her divorce, she’s committed to a successful career and a life of independence… on the other side of the world.
When their attraction burns hotter than a kitchen fire, they start an affair more sensual than their wildest imagination. But other ingredients ruin their recipe for casual sex: affection, laughter, care, understanding, and chocolate. So much chocolate.
Are they ready for love that lasts beyond a vacation fling, or are they just falling for Paris?

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