Falling for My Boss Next Door by Gina Cooper (ePUB)

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Falling for My Boss Next Door by Gina Cooper – Free eBooks Download


New beginnings? Absolutely.
Fake fiancé? I didn’t see that coming.
My move to Los Angeles was to help keep my sanity after the loss of my parents
But a surprise reconnection with my brother’s best friend, Damien Stone, throws my plans off course
Finding out that he was my new boss was challenging enough.
But being thrust into a fake engagement to save my job! Heart-stopping.
Each “pretend” touch sparks genuine desire.
And as we navigate this charade, I yearn for more.
As lines blur, and walls come down, pretending feels dangerously close to the real deal.
I panic and instinctively withdraw.
But with the end of a court battle back home, calling me away, and our façade crumbling,
Can our forced separation survive the truths waiting to be exposed?
Or will the playacting end with broken hearts—mine most of all?

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