Falling for his Fake Wife by Alie Garnett (ePUB)

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Falling for his Fake Wife (The Great Lovely Falls #5) by Alie Garnett – Free eBooks Download


What happens when your hot boss has a hot problem? You solve it. But what if you are the hot mess of a solution?
Lucy Lovely never planned to be a fake wife, not that anyone does. When her boss quietly asks her to find a fake wife for him in order to stop his ex from moving his kids to another state, Lucy comes up blank. Who was desperate enough to sign up to be the third Mrs. Leo Montgomery? No one, until she realizes she does know the perfect desperate woman: herself.
Why had she agreed to this crazy scheme when her sisters were falling madly in love, one after another? They had real love with real husbands. Except she was desperate to show her family once and for all she wasn’t the screw-up they always saw her as, even though she had messed up big time. But she was willing to do anything to fix that mess.
Even if that meant settling for a fake love that had an expiration date and a spouse that was sure to cheat. After all, she wasn’t his first wife, and she knew what had happened to the others. Two little reasons pushed her, and they were half-done cooking already.
All she had to do was prove to her family that they were in love. Easy. She was already pretending to love her new job and that she didn’t miss working with her sister and their catering company.
How could things get any worse?

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