Falling Close by Sydney Muse (ePUB)

falling close, sydney muse

Falling Close (Ponderosa Falls Wilderness Resort #3) by Sydney Muse – Free eBooks Download


One accidental kiss wasn’t supposed to change so much.

Dean Myers never meant to blow up his entire world in one night. But when he crashes Raven’s art show and pretends to be her husband, all to avoid the advances of a new employee at his family’s mountain resort, he’s halfway there.
Then he accidentally kisses her—his good friend Raven.
And now he can’t think about anything else.
Raven Lake has always been Dean’s partner in crime at work, and she likes it that way. But what if she liked that kiss even more?

After their marriage lie spreads, pretending to be his wife out in public is hard enough. Moving into his cabin—being that close to him all the time—might ruin her completely.
But a phone call changes everything. When Raven gets the opportunity of a lifetime, she might have to choose between her childhood dream and the guy she suddenly can’t live without.

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