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Fallen (Angels of New York #1) by Quinn Marlowe – Free eBooks Download


It wasn’t an unusual assignment. Go to a party, meet with the head of a family, secure an alliance for the Rossis—and by default, the Brennans. Joseph Rossi had called on me for this sort of thing before. I wasn’t worried, and I sure as hell didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary.
Then I saw a girl with glowing green eyes and an otherworldly beauty so intense that I couldn’t stay away from her. A dance. A brush of her skin. The intoxicating scent of her.

Natasha Angelis isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met before. And neither is her family. They’re too large, too beautiful to be human, and when they pull Natasha away and tell me to find another dance partner, I go exploring, and realize this isn’t just another party.
This is a house where things don’t make sense. People are appearing out of thin air, only they’re not people. In their shadows, I see that they have wings.
And I start to see feathers.
Feathers they don’t want me to see.
My connection with Natasha is real, though, and so hot it’s scalding. Her glow, her beauty, her intelligence, pull me in and make me vulnerable, and though I realize it’s dangerous—potentially stupid, given what I’ve seen—I know I want her.
I need her.
I have to possess her.
Unfortunately, the rest of her family has other plans.

Fallen is the first in the New York Angels series, a mashup of angels and dark mafia, and connects to Quinn Marlowe’s New York Rogues: Rossi. This is the first in the Duca and Natasha duo and promises angels and demons, of both the human and non-human variety, along with plenty of spice, intrigue, and mystery!

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