Falcon’s Rise by Tiffany Casper (ePUB)

falcon's rise, tiffany casper

Falcon’s Rise (Dogwoods Treasure #6) by Tiffany Casper – Free eBooks Download


When your sister comes to you in the middle of the night with fear in her eyes, you don’t turn a blind eye. No, you buckle up, kick-ass, and take names.

Even if you’re only seventeen at the time and by the time you’re eighteen you’re saddled with a baby that didn’t come from you.
Fast forward six years later and you realize that the calm before the storm gets sideswiped in a way you never saw coming.
Do you bow down, tuck your tail, and run? Or do you stand up to that storm, throw your hands in the air and say bring it? You stand up and say bring it!
What you also do is realize that your sexy neighbor that wears a leather kutte, rides a Harley, and has a way with his hands, that also plays a guitar, you lock him down.
What you don’t do, however, is ever hide your feelings from him.
Because that man is going to invade every crevasse of your heart, he’s going to place his heart in the palm of your hand and trust you to take care of it.
He’s going to put you ahead of his club. Every. Single. Time.

Mild sex scenes. 18+. HEA.

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