Faking After All by Cece Louise (ePUB)

faking after all, cece louise

Faking After All (Happily Ever After All #3) by Cece Louise – Free eBooks Download


Pretend to be in love with the most obnoxious man alive? I’m up for the challenge.

When a forbidden workplace romance goes south, I’m left scrambling to save my dignity and my job. In the process, I drop the name of a fake boyfriend—only the name I use isn’t fake. To put my money where my mouth is, I’m forced to ask grumpy Caleb Ellis to pretend to be my boyfriend until I can get a promotion and get the heck out of Dodge.
But executing this ruse is messier than I expected, especially since his sister seems to think we’re the real deal, and I find myself being roped into all sorts of Ellis family functions—including a celebrity wedding. In addition to finally feeling like I’m part of the family I never had, I also discover there’s more to my fake boyfriend than meets the eye.
Turns out, my heart may be in just as much jeopardy as my job. But it doesn’t matter—our contract has an expiration date. And I always uphold my contracts.

When my sister’s uptight friend Victoria asks me to pretend to be her boyfriend to help save her job, I literally laugh in her face. We can’t stand each other, so there’s no way anyone would buy that. But then she promises to help me with my gym opening in return. Since she’s a proven marketing genius, and I’m in way over my head, I make the deal.
Only I didn’t expect that deal to involve her butting into every aspect of my life, my sister acting like I’ve found my soulmate, or a long list of fake dating rules—that’s right, rules—I’m supposed to follow. Which is getting harder by the day when I find myself feeling things for Victoria I never expected.
Whatever—I can ignore that and ride this out. Because she’s planning on leaving town for good, and I’m a no-strings-attached kind of guy. Everybody wins, right?

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