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Fiona was the first woman to ever reject me.
She thinks billionaire jackasses with playboy reputations aren’t “long-term” material.
Well, she’s right, but Wilder Winters never takes “no” for an answer.

I have to prove to her that I’m responsible before she’ll give me a shot. So when Naomi, my friend’s teenage daughter, comes crying to me that she’s in big trouble and needs my help, it all clicks for me: I don’t need to be responsible, I just need to lie.
What’s more responsible and irresistible than a single dad? Sure, Naomi isn’t really my daughter, but she’s willing to play along.
The thing with a lie is, the longer you keep it up, the deeper in trouble you get. But all the trouble in the world is worth it, so long as I get to taste the sweet fullness of Fiona’s lips and figure out exactly what makes her tick.
With Naomi’s help, I have Fiona eating out of my hand, but I realize a bit too late that I don’t just want to take her for a ride. For the first time in my life, I want to commit. Marry her. Make her mine.
With only a 14-year-old girl as my wingman, I’ll have to convince Fiona that I’ve changed and am sincere…right after I tell her that I’m a fake single dad.

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