Fake It Till We Make It by Noor Sasha (ePUB)

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Fake It Till We Make It (Sun Tower #2) by Noor Sasha – Free eBooks Download


In the glittering world of high fashion and Hollywood, Nyla Ghilzai’s world spun into a nightmare when she was left standing alone at the altar, her humiliation broadcasted to the world. Her escape plan? A quiet retreat to her cousin’s Rhode Island cottage, along with a vow to turn her back on the glitz and glamour forever. But just when she thought she’d left it all behind, a familiar flame in the form of her father’s ex-bodyguard appears at her doorstep with a bold proposition: three months of a fake relationship in exchange for protecting her identity.
In the quiet corner of suds and steam at a Korean BBQ restaurant, Shahzad Arain’s world takes an unexpected turn. He faces a sudden crisis when Maira, his best friend’s younger sister, gets a marketing internship in NYC without a place of her own. Faced with her overprotective brother’s hesitation to allow Maira to move in with just him, Shahzad conjures a bold scheme: he’ll rekindle a fake relationship with a woman from his past, persuading his best friend to let his sister crash at his apartment. The catch? The leading lady he hires is none other than Nyla Ghilzai.

As they act their way through a tangled reel of emotions, digging up buried feelings and making the most of their borrowed time together, Nyla and Shahzad soon understand that in the game of love, it’s not about faking it till you make it—it’s about finding the real thing.

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