Faerie Prophecy by Brea Viragh (ePUB)

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Faerie Prophecy (Fae Academy for Halflings #3) by Brea Viragh – Free eBooks Download


She made it to Faerie, but staying comes with a price.

Despite being half Fae and half wolf shifter, Tavi Alderidge has finally realized her dream of making it to Faerie, far away from her dangerous fated mate. The King of Faerie declares she’s destined for greatness and grants her a place at an elite academy usually reserved for full-blooded Fae. Now she not only has to work to hide her secrets, but she must also try to fit in and prove him right.

Every year the academy hosts the Summer Games, a televised event in which all students are required to participate. participate—and which seems designed to ensure her failure. Between schoolwork, preparing for the Summer Games, and struggling with her growing feelings for Faerie’s Crown Prince Michael Thornwood, Tavi has a lot on her plate.

Soon, Tavi finds herself torn between receiving help from another half-shifter—for an undisclosed price—or risk having her place in Faerie compromised. And when Prince Michael fails to keep her safe from the castle guards, she realizes that the one person she thought she could trust is powerless against his father. All while the time of the Faerie Prophecy draws closer…

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