Fae Gods: Underworld by Philinna Wood (ePUB)

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Fae Gods: Underworld by Philinna Wood – Free eBooks Download


Greek mythology and fae fantasy romance collide in this gripping reimagining of Hades and Persephone, filled with magic and mystery.

For as long as she can remember, Aeliana has been running from a prophecy of the Fates: “The fae god of the underworld will take you in a flowery meadow.”
Aeliana goes into hiding in the capital, serving mortals in taverns and eluding the dreaded god who wants to drag her to his bleak underworld and make her his wife.
But what the Fates have woven can never be undone. And so when two men attack Aeliana and take her to a flowery meadow, she knows that there is no escaping her fate.
He is coming for her.

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