Fae Gods: Maze by Philinna Wood (ePUB)

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Fae Gods: Maze (Fae Gods #1) by Philinna Wood – Free eBooks Download


I am the daughter of the king, and he is the fae monster my father sent me to kill.

For years, the people of my kingdom have whispered tales of the monstrous Minotaur in the depths of an underground maze. Every night, he enters my dreams. His golden eyes capture mine. His horns caress my spine. And I always wake drenched in fear.
He’s waiting for me, I know.
But when I venture into the darkness, I find that the monster is in fact a handsome man, cursed by the fae gods to roam the maze. Trapped in the labyrinth with him, I start feeling something that I know I should not—a strange desire wells up within me.
My heart is torn between my loyalty to my kingdom and the man whose loneliness echoes my own.
As we attempt to escape the treacherous maze, secrets that were meant to remain hidden in its depths beg to be revealed, and with them comes a love so forbidden yet so powerful that it could forever change my life.

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