Eyes for My Worst Neighbor by Ella Marie (ePUB)

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Eyes for My Worst Neighbor by Ella Marie – Free eBooks Download


After my heart was gambled by my college sweetheart, I swore off men. Yes, ALL men, including the incredibly attractive guy sharing my duplex in Southside Beach, who, surprise, lives on the beach full-time—talk about weird; can’t trust that guy.
It shouldn’t have been hard; I was focusing on my next bestseller books, and Tristan was plotting different ways to annoy me and stalk me. Until the day he became my unexpected hero, saving me and my best friend’s kids from a potential calamity. That moment changed everything.
My initial attempt to distance myself turned into spending entire days at the beach, outings with his friends, and engaging in cook-offs in my kitchen. When I started letting my guard down for him, he opened up about his past, echoing the very reasons I vowed to avoid commitment-phobic men like him.
Now that our feelings for each other are becoming harder to hide, I wonder if I can nudge Tristan into making a move already. If we both choose to walk away, my heart may never recover from this one.

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