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exploring daddy, mia monroe

Exploring Daddy (Love in LA #2) by Mia Monroe – Free eBooks Download


I’ve never had a Daddy. Can he teach me how to be the perfect boy?
I have three problems.
No job
No direction
No clue what I’m doing next.
Following my best friend to LA is the only thing that makes sense. I’ll start a new life, figure out a career, and learn how to be an adult. Meeting Matteo is intimidating but exciting. I know he wants a boy. I also know I’m far from what he’s looking for. How can I go to him when I don’t even know how to balance a bank account? I’m determined to stand on my own two feet before letting a Daddy take over my life.
As usual, life has other plans for me, and I find myself needing the one thing I tried to avoid. I can’t imagine what the gorgeous, older man could want with me, but I’m done fighting. I have a lot to learn about life and love, but exploring Daddy is turning out to be one of my better decisions. If he thinks I can be the perfect boy for him, maybe I can.

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