Ex-SEAL Billionaire by A J Summers (ePUB)

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Ex-SEAL Billionaire by A J Summers – Free eBooks Download


Giving up your V-card to your fake fiancé might not be the best way to keep things professional.
One moment, I’m an up-and-coming influencer taking a solo hike.
The next, I’m face-to-face with a bear, my life flashing before my eyes.
Just then, a grouchy hero appears, sending the beast packing and my heart pumping.
Back in the city, I realize that my accidental protector is now my very new, very bad tempered boss.
Meet Jack Whitmore. Ex-SEAL. Billionaire. The man who outgrumped the bear.
And he’s got a proposal too good to refuse.
Pretend to be mine in exchange for a million dollars.
How hard could it be to wear a ring visible from outer space?
As it turns out, very.
Running hot and cold, Jack’a’licious pushes me away one day, then claims my V-card the next.
He thinks he’s too damaged for love.
And I think I’m smitten.
But that’s not my biggest problem.
Because now it also looks like I’m pregnant.

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