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eviternity, charlie godwyne

Eviternity (Augarten Epilogue) by Charlie Godwyne – Free eBooks Download


Into the starlit night, with your love to guide me, I go…

In a small coffee shop in the second district of Vienna, as the city and the wider world change almost beyond recognition, twelve happy years pass for three lovers. Gabriel, Florian, and Solomon manage their small business and work to support their growing family, building a legacy for the future.
Gabriel, however, is still bound by his agreement with the guardian nature spirit of Augarten. In exchange for letting Ian pass through one of her gates to become an angel, Gabriel must pay the price and step through another gate himself. Even if he tried to stay, the body Augarten created for him was not made to last, and so he must go.
If Gabriel has managed to squeeze enough spiritual work into his life, and it has carried him far enough, then when he passes through Augarten’s gate he will take the next step beyond human and become an angel himself. And if he makes it through his soul’s transfiguration, he will be able to return to his beloved men and guide them through the tumultuous decades to come.
If he has not advanced far enough spiritually and still has too much remaining karma, then he will go back into incarnation, forgetting all that he has known and loved in his beautiful and blessed life in Vienna.
The final equinox nears, and Gabriel is left with no choice but to take the leap and face his fate. If the timing is right, his lovers will lose him but gain Ian, their shared guardian angel, at the same moment. And if Gabriel can survive the journey through the afterworld, Florian and Solomon will gain a second guardian angel in him.

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