Everett #2 by Avery North (ePUB)

everett 2, avery north

Everett #2 (Love and Loyalty #2) by Avery North – Free eBooks Download


Two forbidden lovers, an ocean apart. Can they keep their relationship afloat?
Love doesn’t always win – but Everett is determined to change that. Disheartened by Lana abandoning him for a second time, he tries to put his relationship with her in the rear-view mirror. But things won’t be so simple.
After he’s given a chance to travel to Russia and work alongside Lana’s father for business reasons, Everett jumps at the chance… and he quickly finds his way back into Lana’s arms. As much as they try, they can’t resist their insatiable desire – even if it means jeopardizing everything they’ve ever cared about.
Faced with difficult questions about their future, Everett knows that their friends-with-benefits situation won’t last. His heart craves something much more. But when the rug is pulled from under them once again, an unparalleled crisis leaves their budding relationship hanging in the balance…
Can Everett and Lana keep the spark of their love alive despite the odds? Or will fate find a way to snatch them away from each other right when Everett got his hopes up?

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