Evading Darkness by K.M. Baker (ePUB)

evading darkness, km baker

Evading Darkness (The Darkness Duet #1) by K.M. Baker – Free eBooks Download


When they say the past always finds a way to catch up to you, they aren’t lying.

I spent years on the run, trying to hide from my father and our society. I was careful and never stayed in the same place for very long, but when I landed in Braxton Falls, I couldn’t leave.
I fell in love, made my first real friend in years, and let my guard down. I built the closest thing to a normal life that I could, until it all crumbled.
Everything was taken from me in mere moments. One simple decision has me at the whim of three men who manipulate my mind and body but have me craving more. Revenge.
The Monroe Brothers aim to use me for revenge against my father, but I want revenge too!
I have to find a way to use whatever is at my disposal to convince them that working with me is a better solution than their current plan.

My name is Callie Ashford, and the only person I will allow to control my future is myself.

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