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Ethan (Devil’s Flame MC #9) by Romi Hart – Free eBooks Download


When my own family left me out to walk on the dirt road, I found my true freedom.

They were only shackles, trying to change me into who they wanted me to be. There was no trust, no love, and they weren’t worth the mud that was stuck in my treads. Good riddance.

My club saved me, gave me a home. The only ones worth giving my time to were my brothers, and my bike, the only loyal woman in my life. Besides her, women were just another night of unrestrained fun with no attachments.

Everything was going fine until the Prez of the Silver Suns MC went missing. And before this shit turned into a full-blown territory war, it was my turn to step up for the club that gave me my life back.

But the last thing I expected when I called the Suns over, was to hear the smooth sultry voice of a woman that suddenly made my pants uncomfortably tight. This was supposed to be strictly business but her sexy curves and soft skin make me forget everything.

But she is in danger from both inside and outside her club. And I will destroy anyone who comes close to her.
She is mine and I will protect her no matter what.

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