Equinox Enthralled by A.S. Green (ePUB)

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Equinox Enthralled (Cursed Descendants #5) by A.S. Green – Free eBooks Download


As more graves empty, Stella faces an ugly truth.

The Collector will stop at nothing in his mission to capture Abby Prescott, the hybrid witch-shifter, including sending a zombie army of his murdered victims to attack her beloved wolf pack.
With everyone distracted by the attack, the Collector’s minions open a portal and shove Abby back through time, leaving her friends frantic with nowhere to turn.
If Stella and Ethan can’t rescue Abby from the past, they’ll earn the wrath of her three mates, not to mention the entire wolf pack. And with bigger battles looming, this is no time to be losing their allies.
Traveling through time, Stella and Ethan gather clues to Abby’s whereabouts. But when Stella looks up to find a noose dangling above her head, she has to wonder if—this time—she’s made the biggest mistake of her life.

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