Enslaved By the Vampire King by Electra Cage (ePUB)

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Enslaved By the Vampire King (Cursed Vampire Kings #2) by Electra Cage – Free eBooks Download


The cursed vampire king needs me, a slave witch, to heal him.
Kings don’t compromise. They take what they want without apologizing.
So when he demands that I use my witch magic to heal him, I have to obey.
But soon I find out that that’s not the only way in which I have to obey him.

He watches me like a predator watches its prey.
And when I fail to cure him, there’s hell to pay.
He says he’ll treat me like the slave that I am.
That if I don’t heal his curse, he’ll punish me and teach me a lesson.

I hate him, but I can’t stop fantasizing about us in bed together.
I feel like I’m betraying myself when I enjoy his demanding, cruel touch.
But underneath his rage and his anger, something is taking root.
Some wounds can only be healed in the gentlest of ways.

Can I heal the vampire king with my love?

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