Enslaved by Anubis by Veronica Dean (ePUB)

enslaved anubis, veronica dean

Enslaved by Anubis (Fated to the Gods of Yoria #1) by Veronica Dean – Free eBooks Download


I no longer fear death, I fear life.
My father sold me into slavery; my brother abandoned me.
The river of pain flowing inside me has been blocked by my hardened heart.
A slave must accept that she is just an object to be used by her masters.
We are simply commodities, traded or sold at will.
I am now the property of the Cult of the Dead.
This is a place of hellish nightmares.
The screams of torture and terror echo through the mighty halls of the palace.
Everywhere I look I am faced with a new, horrifying glimpse into my future.
I promise myself that they will not break me but I know that everyone breaks—It’s just a matter of time.
In a world of unspeakable violence and horrors, I find an unlikely savior.
Anubis, lord of the underworld, has risen from the depths wielding his flaming sword of justice.
He may have slaughtered my masters, but I am far from free.
Beneath his divine, emerald eyes, I see the savage lust of a wild beast.
When he comes for me, I have no choice but to submit or suffer the gruesome fate of his other victims.
He makes me do unspeakable things, debase myself completely.
He takes me, uses me, possesses me.
The scary thing is—I love it.
Welcome to Yoria.

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