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enigma, rebecca royce

Enigma (Sons of Hell MC#6) by Rebecca Joyce – Free eBooks Download


I have a past.
So, what if it’s a little more colorful than others?
We all can’t be proud of who we were and what we did when we were younger.
I just never thought my past would cause all kinds of problems.
Growing up in Rosewood, I knew everything there was to know about Eugene James.
He’s been my best friend since kindergarten.
So, I think nothing of it when I’m forced to spend time with my best friend because of my ex-husband. Eugene and I always had awesome fun together, even if I was the level-headed normal one and Eugene was the hypochondriac who needed an Epi-Pen just to walk outside.
For years, Eugene had his life in the club, while I was a full-time mom and the owner of Sugar’s Creamery. I didn’t want or need anymore complications.
Besides, the two of us couldn’t be further apart if we tried.
However, spending so much time with him, I learn that my best friend has been keeping a BIG secret from me. One that could change everything.
I always knew too much of a good thing was a recipe for trouble, because now I was starting to believe that just maybe there was something more to our friendship.

Everything was changing.
Everywhere I looked, brothers were getting married, women were getting pregnant and popping out little Bettys like moles in a garden.
Cameron was right.
There are too many Bettys in this club.
With Scribe’s wedding around the corner, three club brothers’ due home from deliveries and my sister adopting a kid, I can’t catch a break when King orders me to protect my best friend.
I only have one problem with that order.
I’ve been secretly keeping something from my best friend for years.
Yeah… I should have known secrets don’t stay secret for long.
When the truth comes out, it opens up a new can of worms nobody could have foreseen.
And when old rumors reemerge, they cause a whole new set of problems and at the core is the one person I only want to protect.

Welcome back to the Shenandoah Valley and the Sons of Hell MC.

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