Enemies to Lovers on Biker’s Path by Cassie Wood (ePUB)

enemies to lovers, cassie wood

Enemies to Lovers on Biker’s Path (Pinecrest Peak MC Chronicles #8) by Cassie Wood – Free eBooks Download


When Grant sees me jogging on his land, we naturally get in an argument. Of course we do. After all, he’s the man I despise, the man I hate. What he did to my friend Allison can never, ever be forgiven. So, of course we fight. And… um… and then I kiss him. I don’t understand it but right there in the middle of the woods, our clothes come off! Look, I can’t like to you and tell you that he’s not sexy because he’s a very, very attractive man. But I hate him. How in the world do I let this happen? And… how do I let it happen again? And again? And again? I don’t get it. How can I possibly turn my enemy to my lover? FML!

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