Enemies in Paradise by Brittany Larsen (ePUB)

enemies in paradise, brittany larsen

Enemies in Paradise (Love in Paradise Valley #4) by Brittany Larsen – Free eBooks Download


Paradise is supposed to be my escape from burnout and bad guys, but I’ve already burned bridges with the hottest guy in town.
Bear Thomsen and I both want the same thing—his grandpa’s old auto shop. My dream is to rehab it into a bookstore. Bear’s is to tear it down to build a hockey rink.
Paradise is the fresh start I’m looking for after taking leave from the police force in LA. I want to escape the big city with its big problems, and avoid a big, unwinnable fight with my commanding officer. But, if I turn in my detective badge I worked so hard to earn, it will be the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Especially because I hate walking away from a fight.
I’m not about to let another man get in the way of my new dream–to own a small-town bookstore. Especially if that man is Bear Thomsen.
But when Bear rescues me not once, not twice, but three times, I realize my attraction to him is more than physical. He’s a gentle giant with a fierce protective streak, especially when it comes to his hockey team.
I never thought I needed saving, but the more time I spend with Bear, the more I discover that bridges can be rebuilt, walls can come down, and dreams are better shared.
But how can we share a dream when one of us has to lose for the other to win?

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