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End Game (Fiery Disciples MC #3) by Cassie Verano – Free eBooks Download


Meeting Nova was the best thing that ever happened to me.
The only thing she ever asked of me was to protect her when she was most vulnerable.
And I did until I failed to show up one day.
Losing Nova was the worst thing that ever happened to me.
But it was no surprise when I lost her because I always screwed up everything that I touched.
Two decades have passed, and she’s found her way back into my world.
But with her has come a host of problems, including a secret admirer who is out to claim her in more ways than one.
Her secret admirer is someone in her inner circle who is becoming intimately familiar with her.
It’s just when Nova pushes me out of her life that trouble rears its ugly head, and her admirer becomes a stalker.
Now that she’s called on me for help, everyone is being pulled into the sights of a psychopath, including the MC.
I can’t be what Nova needs me to be.
I’m incapable of showing mercy.
But I might be her last chance for survival.
And it’s time to bring this game to an end.
-End Game

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