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enchanting spring, viola grace

Enchanting Spring (Falling Underhill #3) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


Petal gets through life one day at a time when a strange magical transport to the world of the fey sets her on a crash course with eternal spring.
Limping after a devastating injury, Petal gets a delivery and opens it to find a box with a ceramic gingerbread house in it. One light touch and she was wearing a weird outfit inside the house she had touched, and instructions glowed on the wall.
She had to find the king of spring, and he could send her home, so she took her cane and hobbled down the path that was marked with warm air and green leaves.
The man that she found was stunning, but his focus was on the moment. She got along with him, he helped her recover from her injury, and then, they fell together to explore the present.
When the woman in his arms disappeared, Damek was furious and tried to take his revenge, but as he listened to Puck, he woke up to the situation that his lover had been in. For the first time in centuries, Damek had to think about more than just the immediacy of his desires, and the alteration was going to take some time to sink in. It was a good thing that time in Underhill passed at a different rate to that of the mortal world. Damek had to study.

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