Empty Promises by Brea Lykos (ePUB)

empty promises, brea lykos

Empty Promises (Kings of the Elite #1) by Brea Lykos – Free eBooks Download


I don’t belong here.
Money, corruption, deceit; this place has it all.
Aridole is home to wealth and crime in equal measures and here I am, stuck in the middle.
If I’m going to survive and escape this place, I have to learn to work the system I was never meant to be apart of.
The only problem is I’m on everybody’s radar. Keeping my head down? Yeah, not an option. Four soulless elites have their eyes set on me. I should run away, but I raised myself and I didn’t raise no punk. Even in this twisted society I won’t be forced to my knees.
Lux, Hawke, Rem, and Samson are determined to use me. To break me down and turn me into their obedient little pet.
But they have no idea how hard I’ll fight them. How much I’ll resist until they leave me the hell alone. There’s just one problem… I’m starting to think they’re not the worst parts of Aridole. Maybe they’re the only messed up thing I understand.
And that scares the hell out of me.

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