Empire of Dark by K.J. Jackson (ePUB)

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Empire of Dark (Creatures of Sin & Seduction #1) by K.J. Jackson – Free eBooks Download


I’m desperate to wipe his family from the earth. He’s desperate to put a baby in my womb.

He is the king of the heathens. A king that wants my womb. But it’s forbidden, our species breeding.
Yet, a deal has been hatched for that very thing. One year—I’m to give Damen one year in his castle to impregnate me. I’m not exactly sure why a deal has been struck, but I do know that Damen is desperate to create half-breeds.
Desperation I’ll use to my advantage, for he’s also the key to the vengeance that will set me free. His family destroyed everything I held dear a century ago, shattering me. Turning me into a shell. Now it’s time I rid the earth of their presence, but the only way to find them is through Damen.
When I enter his lair, Damen believes I’m there to have his next child. He couldn’t be more wrong. I won’t let him touch me. And I know I won’t break, even if he is a master of seduction.
But in the games between good and evil, uncrossable lines aren’t always where they should be. Sometimes the lines scatter, disappearing to dust. Sometimes, even, the lines are crossed over with full intention.

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