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So they were stuck like this, the rage orchestrating Jackson’s actions propelling him to hurt Clio. And Clio, who could not be hurt. They were forces of equal match, Jackson’s brutality and Clio’s invincibility, caught up in a hellish ouroboros that would never give up.
Perhaps this is why he dragged me here, Clio thought. To feel nothing but his anger, until the end of time.
Agent Jackson has one agenda: kill all paranormals. A bit hypocritical, considering that he himself is a werewolf. Yet the violent scheme is assigned to him by the same agency he works for, and the only way he can eventually live happily, free of this gruesome duty, is if he becomes their best clawed-hitman. Yet his own goal is put to the test when he meets an unlikely creature in the forest on one of his killing sprees: predator, a demon, a god of all paranormals. An incubus. A being so powerful, it poses a threat to even the mighty agency he has sold his soul to.
And it will change everything.

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