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Ella (Cranberry Corner #3) by Piper Cook – Free eBooks Download


She’s trying to figure out her life. He’s been handed a child-sized curveball. Will a sprinkling of holiday magic be enough to keep them together when things begin to fall apart?

I loved the holidays as a kid. But now, they’re a yearly reminder of all the things I haven’t accomplished.
Life isn’t bad, but I never thought I’d still be single, working gig jobs while couch-surfing between friend’s houses.
When an anxious father wanders into the tree park with his little girl after closing time, I don’t have the heart to turn them away.
Todd is patient, kind and lights my body up like a Christmas tree.
But am I ready for an instant family when I don’t have my own life together?

I thought my life was on track until a daughter I didn’t know I had arrived on my doorstep.
Rylee is shy, but we’re warming to each other, and I’m doing my best to make the holidays special for her.
When we wander through a holiday lot searching for the perfect tree, we find a spritely young woman who steals both our hearts.
Ella is an enchanting free spirit, and I’d like to trim her tree.
But is it fair to bring a woman into my child’s life when I’m just getting to know her myself?

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