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eli, susan fisher-davis

Eli (Men of Clifton, Montana #38) by Susan Fisher-Davis – Free eBooks Download


It had been three years since Eli Hawkins lost his best friend, Mac, in a tragic incident. As livestock agents, they were aware of the dangers of their job, but that didn’t ease the pain of losing someone so close to him. The fact that the perpetrators were still at large gnawed at Eli every day, and he wouldn’t rest until justice was served.
When he was assigned to another case and came face to face with Mac’s widow, Lorna, he couldn’t help but feel drawn to her. But he knew it was wrong. How could she ever want the man who failed to save her husband?
Lorna had lost her husband to his dangerous job, and she vowed never to get involved with anyone in law enforcement again. Until Eli. Despite knowing he was Mac’s best friend; she couldn’t deny her attraction toward him. The thought of being with him tore her apart; could she handle being with another man whose life was constantly at risk?
Would they be able to overcome their doubts about the future or would they ultimately walk away from each other?

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