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Eleanor (Omegas Through Time #2) by Calliope Stewart – Free eBooks Download


London, 1872
Eleanor Thompson is a beta governess who spends the majority of her time chasing after the Earl of Blymouth’s rambunctious children, with no plans to ever marry despite her cousin’s pushing.
But everything changes one night when she suddenly perfumes as an omega. After being chased by her employer through a greenhouse, she is transported through time, landing mid-heat into the lap of a handsome cowboy.

Colorado, 2022
After the death of their parents, the Calloway brothers have been working to restore their ranch, Arcadia, back to its former glory and while also struggling to raise a three year old. Unfortunately, they all have very different ideas of what that should look like.
Clint wants to keep it as a horse breeding ranch, Fletcher wants to raise miniature ponies as service animals, Cas believes that a dude ranch would make the most profit, and Beau just wants everyone to get along.

But when a very pretty omega appears out of thin air they’re at a loss of what to do. Eleanor is prickly, proper, and positively everything that the Pack Calloway could ever want in an omega… but she insists she doesn’t want to get married, let alone be bonded to four men who are constantly arguing.
Eleanor’s reluctance isn’t the only roadblock to their happily ever after. Someone has been poisoning Arcadia’s animals and sabotaging their equipment. It won’t be long until the consequences grow dire and everyone’s life is at risk.

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