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El Gringo (The Sicarios of Navolato #2) by Yolanda Olson – Free eBooks Download


Live hard and fast, die later.
That’s always been my motto.
A year ago, I bumped into a girl that caught my attention for the first time in a long time. We toyed with each other, played a couple of adult games, then she vanished.
I took something before I left, though. Something I knew she’d want again someday. Bait, I guess you can call it.
The inexplicable need to see her again is what landed me in the mess I’m in now. I’ve spent a better part of the year setting my trap because I was promised something, and I want it.
An animal in a cage; that’s what she calls me, but little does she know …
I’m trying to be a better man but sometimes the fates have a different path they’d rather see us walk down.
Now, I’m faced with a decision.
Kill or be killed.
My name is Frank Larson.
And the hunger inside of me is growing with each passing moment because for her, I would do anything.
Even if it means putting my own life on the line.

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