Eden’s Sacrifice by ChaShiree M. (ePUB)

eden's sacrifice, chashiree m

Eden’s Sacrifice (The Virgin Call Girls) by ChaShiree M. – Free eBooks Download


What is a girl to do when she is faced with being sold by her father for money? Sell her virginity, of course. My name is Eden Vastiya and my father is a piece of s***. Trying to save my sister and myself from being the collateral in my father’s debt, I found myself faced with two options…be the seller of my own body and profit..or…be the repayment.
When I decided to use my own asset to free us from my fathers hands, I didn’t expect to end up in the same place. With him…Viktor the Conqueror. The leader of the Bratva. I heard he was a monster. A heartless criminal with no soul. So why then does he make me hot and needy? Why is every word out of his mouth an aphrodisiac, meant to drive me insane? Why, when he touches me, does my body comply with his every demand?
This was supposed to be for one night only. Then how come I am still here…locked in his mansion…waiting for him to come to me? Why do I think I love him? He says he paid for a wife…in name only. Then why can’t he keep his hands and body off me? And why do I not want him to?
I was prepared to sacrifice my virginity. I never thought I was sacrificing my heart too.
What am I to do when the very threat I should be running from, becomes the very man I can’t live without?

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