Echoes of Fear by Carol Dawn (ePUB)

echoes of fear, carol dawn

Echoes of Fear (Obsidian MC #3) by Carol Dawn – Free eBooks Download


Hidden within the barrier of the Obsidians clubhouse, I find safety in the familiarity of its walls. Scarred by a past trauma that shattered my trust in the outside world, I cling to the comfort of my fellow club members and the routines that shield me from the dangers beyond.
But when tragedy strikes, my fragile sanctuary is gone, and I’m thrust into a world I thought I’d left behind. Forced to confront my fears head-on, I discover an unexpected ally in Taylor. But can I trust this stranger to keep me safe from the fears of my past or will his past catch up to him, endangering us both?

From the moment my gaze fell upon Knox, something shifted deep within me. It wasn’t just attraction; it was a primal pull, an undeniable force drawing me toward him like a moth to flame. In his eyes, I saw echoes of vulnerability, of a longing for solace that resonated with the Daddy side of me. Every fiber of my being yearned to wrap him in my arms, to shield him from the world’s cruelties, to become the anchor he so desperately needed. And when fate intervened, thrusting us together in a whirlwind of chaos and uncertainty, I knew instinctively that I was meant to be his protector, his safe harbor in the storm. But as events unfolded, revealing the dangers lurking just beyond our doorstep, I realized that keeping him safe would require more than just walls and locks—it would demand unwavering courage and a fierce determination to protect what we held most dear. And in that moment, I embraced my role not just as Taylor, but as Papa, ready to shield my Pup from harm with every ounce of strength I possessed.

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