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Echoes (The Bleeding Hearts #5) by Dylan Page – Free eBooks Download


I have a great life. Loving parents, siblings that I adore.
I’ve never gone hungry, or known physical pain. I’ve suffered no trauma…
And yet there is another side of me that is… different.
Where I wander, a shadow follows, something haunting and dark.
It settles around my shoulders like a cloak, speaks to me when I’m alone, stares back at me from the mirror.
My dark wavy hair, my silver eyes… they are reminders of him.
I am cursed. I am tainted.
I don’t want to succumb to the urges that strike me. The impulses that scare me.
I don’t want to be like him.

And yet…

A small part of me wishes I knew more.
Because I feel like a part of him is very much here.
I’m just afraid to let it take control, to have it twist me into something so polluted.
That it ruins me.
I don’t want to be someone others fear.
Especially… her…
So I push it down, way down. I suffocate it. I smother it.
Because I refuse to end up like him. Ruined, broken, and gone.
I will not let it ruin me.

And somehow, I WILL have her.

Trigger Warning

**Warning: This book is meant for mature readers, 18+.

Echoes is a 150K+ word romance that contains some scenes and situations that may be upsetting for some readers. Includes several triggers and sensitive material such as: sexual assault, bullying (not between MMC/FMC), childhood trauma, violence, and other possible triggering elements.

Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with any of the above. Thank you.**

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