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eazee, mary kennedy

Eazee (Voodoo Guardians #21) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Ethan Ezekiel Wolfkill, known as Eazee, finds himself chasing down a young woman that clearly doesn’t understand, or care that she’s in a lot of danger. Chasing her into the Grand Canyon, he gets far more than he bargained for. Convincing her that the only place she’ll be safe is with him and his family, turns out to be easier than he expected. But then again, she’s a genius. Eazee’s world is changed forever by her appearance, and it’s a change he’s grateful for. With the added benefit of seven additional little geniuses, Belle Fleur is about to get even more interesting.
Chelsea Blu is in trouble. More trouble than she can possibly imagine. But she doesn’t care. Her life doesn’t mean anything any longer. Running from danger, running from strange men, she can’t tell who is friend, and who is foe. In the end, she must trust her instincts and harness her genius to help the others. All she ever needed was to feel as though she belonged, that she is loved. She’s about to get that in spades.

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