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easy sunday, Kenya Goree-Bell

Easy Like Sunday Morning by Kenya Goree-Bell – Free eBooks Download


From the author of the Bestselling Mogul Series, Kenya Goree-Bell is the new deliciously, Blood Legacy Series.
In a town steeped in secrets and a legacy of blood one man rules the underworld the places where others fear to tread. He deals in retribution and sacrifice upon a throne crave from blood and steel until a real life angel stumbles upon his lair. He doesn’t want redemption, just her body and her soul.

She’s such a good girl… Now, she’s going to be a very good f*cking girl for me.

I am Angel Cruz. I own the underworld of this town, I will own Easy Love too.
She is mine to claim.
Mine to conquer
Mine to corrupt.
Praying won’t help you little girl, but I will let you kneel for me.
I don’t want your salvation.
I won’t give you any mercy.
Soft smiles won’t soothe this savage, nor will gentle touches, or your eager moans.
You see, I’ve already fallen from heaven and I can’t trust it, even if I find it in your arms.
There is no goodness in this place steeped in blood and betrayal.
Just because you are too good to be true won’t make me love you.
You never should have come here.
To this dark, twisted place, I reside but it’s too late now,
because no matter how much you beg I can’t let you go.

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