Earth Boys Are Easy by C. Rochelle (ePUB)

earth boys are easy, c rochelle

Earth Boys Are Easy (Villains in Space #1) by C. Rochelle – Free eBooks Download


What’s a superhero to do when his own family sees his powers as unimpressive and he’s fifth in line for the throne?
Set my sights on getting space married to a hot alien, of course!
For science.
Ziggy Andromeda is a skinsuit-stealing mercenary who’s so far out of my league he might as well be in another galaxy, but there’s nothing I love more than a challenge.
And his spaceship has only one bed!
Unfortunately, a home planet conspiracy is threatening our besties-with-benefits situationship, along with my dream of putting a Saturn-sized ring on it and locking Ziggy down for good.
I came for a deep space adventure with my hot-bod bodysnatcher, and I intend to complete my mission, no matter what.
For science!

Out of all the supes on this sad little floating rock, Micah Salah has impressed me the most.
I’ve never let anyone as close to me as he is—for their protection and mine—but I can’t seem to resist Micah’s gravitational pull.
Plus. he smells like goddamn candy.
He probably tastes like candy…
No. Bad Ziggy.
Unfortunately, this superpowered Earthling has not only joined me on assignment but in my bed. This wouldn’t be a problem if my true form hadn’t already claimed him as my mate, even though I suspect I’m nothing but a temporary detour on his intergalactic travels.
Too bad I’d rather live inside him.
I’m determined to respect Micah’s personal space, even if the forces conspiring against us make me want to tighten my tendrils and never let him go.
Because he’s mine.

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