Eagle Elite Volume I by Rachel Van Dyken (ePUB)

eagle elite 1, rachel van dyken

Eagle Elite Volume I (Eagle Elite Box Set #1) by Rachel Van Dyken – Free eBooks Download


A mafia romance series about family, loyalty, betrayal and love from the #1 bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken.

Chase Abandonato had no choice if he wanted to help Mil De Lange take over as boss of the lowest ranking family in the Cosa Nostra—so he said yes to her proposal. But everything isn’t as it seems.

Mo’s been a mafia princess her whole life, and she’s been in love with Tex for the same amount of time. He’s the heir to the entire Five Families, he’s the Capo De Capi, the godfather of Chicago and Sicily, but after a misunderstanding and arranged marriage, she only had a few days with him before he took the throne.

Trace Rooks realized that Eagle Elite University is a dangerous place to be when she meets the five guys that rule it—dead sexy, tatted up, and mean. She had to learn how to hold her own against the boys that wanted nothing more than to make her leave—in order to keep her alive.

Phoenix had always been the bad guy. He took the fall for everyone and now he’s trying the best he can to pick up the pieces, enter Bee Campisi, little sister to the head of the Cosa Nostra and a giant pain in his ass. He had one job, to protect her. The only problem was he needs to protect her from himself and his need for her.

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