Drowning In You by Devon Vesper (ePUB)

drowning in you, devon vesper

Drowning In You (Trident Cove) by Devon Vesper – Free eBooks Download


When Emrys finds a blue scale, he enters a savage world of magic and murder. With Riptide, a hot sea dragon, can he defeat their assassin for love?
Doctor Emrys Fairweather returns home to find his mother murdered and the killer on the loose. As he packs up her belongings, he finds a mysterious blue scale with a powerful hold over him. When the killer tracks Emrys down, they drown him, determined to get the scale for themselves.
Sea Dragon Champion Riptide Bluescale, has stuck around Trident Cove to protect Emrys’s mother. Having given her his heart scale to summon him, when Emrys puts it on, Riptide thinks it’s his beloved friend. But when he finds Emrys dead in the water, he quickly breathes life back into him and soon realizes that this gorgeous human… is his mate.
As they fight to get the scale back and exact revenge, Emrys and Riptide’s bond grows at a lightning pace, lighting up both their protective instincts. Can they overcome the odds and find their happily ever after?

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