Drawing Her Cowboy by Kathy Fawcett (ePUB)

drawing her cowboy, kathy fawcett

Drawing Her Cowboy (The Wild Wests #2) by Kathy Fawcett – Free eBooks Download


A Billionaire Cowboy Drawn to an Abandoned Barn. A Runaway Heiress Thinks She Knows Why

All the money in the world can’t fix the mess Pike West and Paislee Andrews find themselves in. Trapped by a blizzard in a settler’s barn in a remote corner of Wyoming, they need to trust each other—and their hearts—as family secrets begin unfolding.
Pike is a cowboy with a secret nobody in his wealthy family suspects. Then Paislee comes to town with secrets of her own, and rattles him to his core. Pike swears he’s seen her beautiful doe-brown eyes before, and retreats to find answers in the barn his great-great grandfather built. He has no idea Paislee follows him until she shows up on his doorstep nearly frozen to death.

Paislee is connected to Pike’s past, but what about the future?
When Paislee Andrews aims her deep brown eyes his way, Pike is sure she sees through him—right into his heart and secret passion. But she can’t possibly know what he’s been up to. Can she?
Paislee is driven by a hunch, and a family mystery her grandmother asked her to solve. Or was “Gigi” plotting to get her away from her controlling fiancée? Either way, Paislee is determined to find answers, and after the art show, she suspects Pike West holds the key. But she has no idea searching for answers will cause her to lose her heart.
Fall in Love With the Wild Wests Saga

They settled Wyoming, but settling down is hard for the men of West Ranch. Ridge West hopes his sons will find love as deep as the one he knew. And someday, their sprawling ranch will come to life again. In the Wild Wests romance saga, discover what love has in store for Gunnar, Pike, Colton, Ash, and maybe even for Ridge. Filled with true-to-life characters and moments that will make you laugh and cry, each book is a lively story of family, heritage and hope, spanning generations of the Wyoming Wests.

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